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Common law eviction of traveller encampment forming on client’s land

Common law eviction of traveller encampment forming on client’s land
Common law eviction of traveller encampment forming on client’s land

The Client

On Thursday morning, our enforcement officers were in the field carrying out essential enforcement & forfeiture works for our clients. Whilst travelling between works, one of our officers spotted a traveller encampment forming on our client’s land. This client in particular is the owner of hundreds of family pubs & restaurants across the UK, therefore it is essential that their sites remain a safe and trouble free environments.

Case Study

Both our field and office team always have our client’s needs as a priority, so our officer contacted the office immediately to provide their intel. The office team quickly contacted the client to alert them of the encroachment of their land. The client was initially aware of the encampment and phoned the local authority, hoping that the travellers would move on quickly. However, as is typical with illegal trespassers, can show resistance to local authority and require further prompting from enforcing officers to move on.

Whilst the local authority followed all the correct steps, contacting Clearway and undergoing the Common Law Eviction process was the only way forward in this matter. Clearway dispatched two enforcement officers out immediately to the offending individuals.


Our enforcement officers arrived on site within 90 minutes of instruction to commence the eviction. When they arrived on site, we immediately conducted a risk assessment to provide further intel to our client and provided progress updates every half an hour. Due to carrying out evictions in a peaceful and professional manner, the travelling families were happy to engage with our officers and agree to vacate our client’s land within the hour.

Clearway are professionals at identifying serious threats for our client and proactively minimising escalation in any instructions we receive. Read more about our traveller eviction services.


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