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Diesel theft prompts tactical positioning and extra sensors for total site coverage

Diesel theft prompts tactical positioning and extra sensors for total site coverage
Diesel theft prompts tactical positioning and extra sensors for total site coverage


A civil engineering company, with a track record of successfully delivering technically demanding high quality projects, suffered a theft from one of their compounds. A quantity of diesel was stolen from a site in Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire. The site did benefit from CCTV security but the crime was perpetrated out of the reach of the existing camera and those responsible were not witnessed. Clearway were contacted to attend the site to assist.


The scheduled service visit wasn’t due for another fortnight however Clearway arranged for an engineer to attend the site the following day. The engineer arrived on site to discuss the events with the site manager and what the client needed in terms of security. Having assessed the area where the criminal act took place, our engineer repositioned the CCTV Tower and also added additional sensors to ensure total coverage of the area in question before initiating a walk test to
check their effectiveness. The client observed the engineer checking and rechecking the sensor coverage until he was entirely happy with their positioning and after a final walk test to make sure everything was working the client signed off on the works carried out.


The repositioning of the CCTV Tower and the sensors, coupled with the addition of more sensors to the site means total coverage of all three compounds. The client now has the reassurance of total site coverage and there have been no further incidents of theft or other criminal activity.

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I want to express my gratitude and thanks to the engineer who was despatched to site today for the service visit. The engineer was on site for a lengthy period to sort the tower move and sensors which was not planned or booked in.

It’s good to see that the engineer took the concerns of the site manager seriously and went to a lot of effort to fix this. Please pass on my thanks to the engineer. I would like to praise Clearway for their quick response and the engineer for his dedication and work ethic while on site.”

Alan Forsyth

Managing Director, Glencairn Security

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