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Temporary solar CCTV solution for vulnerable site with no mains power

Temporary solar CCTV solution for vulnerable site with no mains power
Temporary solar CCTV solution for vulnerable site with no mains power


Our client, who install sports pitches around the country, had been targeted on multiple occasions on multiple sites. Their projects are typically large scale, which require heavy plant and other essential equipment to be kept on sites, lacking a permanent power supply, for long periods.

This combination of expensive machinery being left on often remote sites for several weeks, coupled with no mains power, clearly represents a potentially lucrative payday for opportunistic criminals. The client not only required a temporary yet robust security system, they needed a solution that wasn’t reliant on mains power.

They also required their sites to be constantly monitored to initiate rapid responses to any criminal activity as the loss of valuable assets not only meant financial implications but also increased down time during construction.


Clearway engineers survey their sites and rapidly deploy and install our inView solar powered temporary CCTV Towers in Manchester. These innovative, telescopic towers are fully power-independent, with sealed, high-capacity battery packs and require the minimum of maintenance. They communicate via the mobile network so there is no need for a fixed internet connection, meaning that the contract managers, who are responsible for multiple sites, benefit from remote access via our mobile app to check on the progress of their sites nationwide. The towers are fully weatherproof, designed to withstand prolonged external exposure and adverse weather conditions. They are also a clear visual criminal deterrent.

Intruders detected

A recent incident demonstrated the effectiveness of the CCTV tower solution when activations were received from one of the CCTV towers on a site in the Greater Manchester area. CCTV footage showed two males wearing high visibility jackets, hard hats and masks entering the site after pulling the entrance fencing to one side. These males were then seen to approach a red teleporter machine and after just one minute one individual drove the machine off site, whilst the other closed the fencing behind them. Clearway operators had not been advised of any weekend working and although they appeared in what is workwear, the operator decided these were unwanted visitors. Our staff continued to view the site and two minutes later a white transit van was seen to drive out of the car park towing a trailer with the red teleporter onboard. Greater Manchester Police were immediately contacted and despatched to site, and the designated keyholder was also contacted and messages left.


Greater Manchester Police disclosed that a transit had been stopped by officers on the motorway, with a teleporter on a trailer, and that two persons had been detained. The CCTV footage was downloaded, saved and forwarded to the police.

In this case, we were able to prevent the loss of our client’s valuable equipment and the police were able to apprehend the offenders.

Temporary Solar CCTV Case Study

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