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Solar powered CCTV Towers and remote monitoring for sports pitches manufacturer

Solar powered CCTV Towers and remote monitoring for sports pitches manufacturer
Solar powered CCTV Towers and remote monitoring for sports pitches manufacturer

Where the theft of high-end heavy plant machinery is a continual risk on construction sites with no permanent power supply, the need for a flexible, professional CCTV system that can be deployed to site, set up and active in a matter of hours, is the only practical solution.

SIS Pitches design, manufacture, construct, install and maintain sportsfield pitches across the UK and beyond. Their natural turf pitches have staged some of the biggest sporting events in the world.

Projects are typically large scale, requiring heavy plant and other pieces of essential equipment that is left on-site for the duration of the project.

Working to tight deadlines is an intrinsic part of the projects SIS works on for its customers. Therefore delays that would be caused by plant and machinery theft, together with the associated costs and challenges of replacing such equipment, simply cannot be tolerated.

To minimise the risk of becoming victim to theft of high-value machinery, SIS Pitches began investigating options for installing security measures in the form of CCTV to help prevent incidents.

A serious challenge to overcome is typically having no mains power or access to the internet for the initial eight weeks of a new project. Therefore implementing any type of permanent, electronic security would prove difficult.

The No-Power CCTV Solution from Clearway

insurance providers for SIS recommended engaging a specialist commercial CCTV & security provider to mitigate future risk. Clearway was the obvious choice because of its long-standing experience in the industry, and its unique, temporary CCTV tower.

Typically our temporary CCTV systems are tailored to the individual needs of a client. For SIS, we opted to install our inView CCTV Solar towers.

Designed to be left unattended for long periods of time, our CCTV tower operates independently of mains power or hard-wired internet connection and is engineered to remain outside in all conditions. High-capacity, rechargeable, sealed batteries and built-in solar panels keep the tower fully functioning day and night.

For this particular site, we installed multiple CCTV towers, each with a near-360 degree camera mounted atop a 6m mast. At this height, and combined with additional towers, full visual coverage of a site is possible.

Key to the success of our solution was for the towers to require no external power source or internet connection, yet still function 24/7/365 and provide full remote viewing access for both SIS and their client.

As the site develops and its needs evolve, the towers can be repositioned to accommodate the changes.

In order to provide both SIS and their customer real-time updates on the progress of this project, we also installed a time-lapse camera system in addition to the CCTV towers. We were also the preferred CCTV monitoring company.

Jon Turnbull, SIS Pitches Operations Director, said;
“We knew we had to get something sorted ASAP as thefts can cost a huge amount of time and money. Clearway dealt with this quickly by installing their inView CCTV Towers to cover the site. Their team did a great job, and we’re much happier knowing our machinery is safe and secure.

As their towers need no external power source, we didn’t need to provide diesel generators either, keeping noise pollution and costs down overall.”

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