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Cost-effective access control solution for Surrey based financial firm

Cost-effective access control solution for Surrey based financial firm
Cost-effective access control solution for Surrey based financial firm

The financial services firm KPMG, reduced team numbers at their office in Crawley, Surrey and downsized from all three floors of the building to only one.

This meant that the overall management of the building security returned to the managing agent Workman LLP, and a new entry security system was required that would enable staff from up to three different tenants to access the building.

A cost-effective solution

“As KPMG occupied the whole building before, they’d employed their own 24 hour security team,” said Andrew Crowne Spencer, Clearway’s UK Technical Manager who handled the project. “But as there was now going be a number of different tenants and multiple staff members, Workman needed a solution that not only allowed easy access to the building but one that was simple to use and extremely secure too.”

As the KPMG team numbered approximately 80, with more than 200 people going in and out of the building when fully occupied, a robust system was recommended.

We installed a PAXTON standalone access control system to the front entry doors which allowed easy multi-user access with the tap of a key fob. It’s the perfect solution for a building of this size with this number of occupants.

Remote Services

In addition, we installed a GSM intercom system.

Out of hours delivery or visitors simply press a button which goes through to a response centre managed by a Clearway partner who can see the visitor or delivery driver via CCTV and grant them entry to the building.

By having this service off-site, there has been a significant cost saving compared to having a member of staff on-site 24/7.

This system means the doors remain locked out of hours but, as the staff occasionally require 24/7 access, they can enter the secured building using an out of hours fob.

Reports on who has accessed the building and when are regularly issued to the client.

“We’re able to offer unique solutions to problems,” said Andrew “and can think outside the proverbial box when we’re faced with a challenging situation.”

Have you considered using access control systems to streamline your security protocols? Get in contact with Clearway today for more information.

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