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Clearway Case Study - Protecting Against Metal Theft

Protecting against costly metal theft

Commercial properties are under constant threat of the theft of metalwork and pipework. In recent years we’ve seen air conditioning units, copper cabling, boilers and roof lead all stolen from business premises, churches and schools, at huge financial loss to the organisation.

In 2017, Clearway were called in by a large commercial site that had been the target of several metal thefts over a period of weeks. Several buildings close to the site had been stripped of almost all their wiring and coper piping, with the consequent damage resulting in high repair costs.

“The threat to our client’s main building was increasing and the client was becoming extremely concerned that any damage would impact the property’s value and make it unattractive to prospective tenants.” said Leigh Hooper, Clearway’s Head of Sales.

A further concern was the spate of recent burglaries where entry had been gained by criminals cutting holes in the fabric of the building.

No entry allowed

Our comprehensive risk assessment identified multiple vulnerable entry points which we then secured with steel security screens and the Clearway Toreadoor keyless metal security doors. This door has been designed, manufactured and tested to the rigorous LPS1175 standard and comes with a host of features including independent locking mechanism, protected hinges and keyless access via a unique multi-digit code.

“The door can’t even be removed by cutting off the hinges,” says Leigh, “But, if you find yourself accidentally locked in, our proprietary locking mechanism allows for an easy and quick exit.”

To address the risk of a physical intrusion our unique Solo Alarm and multiple PIR (passive infrared) movement sensors were installed to provide coverage over a large area. The entire system is battery powered and configured to report all activity wirelessly via the mobile network. This system can also be used as a temporary alarm.

Ongoing activity

Regular property inspections were carried-out by SIA licensed inspectors to ensure the property remained protected and maintenance standards adhered to.

All detected activity, including that of the Property Inspectors, was reported to the client, and the property has remained secure and free from further attempts of theft and intrusion.

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