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Solar powered CCTV Tower with remote monitoring provides extra ‘eyes and ears’ at Yorkshire port

Solar powered CCTV Tower with remote monitoring provides extra ‘eyes and ears’ at Yorkshire port
Solar powered CCTV Tower with remote monitoring provides extra ‘eyes and ears’ at Yorkshire port

When it comes to security solutions, there is no one-size-fits-all, and often a combination of security services is needed in order to offer a site the ultimate protection.

We recently worked alongside a new client Wilson James, a multi-disciplinary security services provider, responsible for security at Associated British Ports, the UK’s leading ports group.

The port in question was Goole in Yorkshire, where Wilson James provide security in the form of on-site staff. But it was decided that an extra level of security was needed.

Temporary Fix

“In order to provide another set of ‘eyes and ears’, we offered to install the Clearway inView temporary CCTV tower with associated detectors,” said Damien Frost, Clearway’s Key Account Director.

Our inView mobile CCTV tower is easy to transport and quick to erect on site. Plus, its steel construction and weatherproof fittings and mountings make it ideal for sites like a port. The wireless CCTV camera uses high-capacity, rechargeable, sealed batteries and onboard solar panels that keep the camera unit fully functioning 24/7/365. Other features include built-in floodlights and a vandal resistant keypad.

Any movement is detected by one or more sensors, which the powerful camera then homes in on using its pan, tilt and zoom capabilities. Images or video clips captured by the camera are relayed to Clearway’s central control team. “We then alert Wilson James’s on-site team who can investigate,” says Damien.

Complementary Service

Clearway InView CCTV Tower cameraHaving an inView site CCTV tower in place gives added value in respect of on-site support and a significant cost reduction vs manned security guarding.

“Our inView CCTV towers complement existing services,” says Damien. “This combination of technology and people leads to a reduction in ‘guarding hours’ and costs, while increasing security levels.”

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“Securing this area would have required our officers to run frequent patrols which we deemed to be a risk in itself,” says Don McCann of Wilson James, “we therefore decided that a mobile CCTV solution would be a more efficient system of securing the site.”

“Clearway was able to deliver and install an inView temporary CCTV tower, including a full site survey, system setup and connection to their 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre, all within 24 hours. Needless to say, I’m impressed by how responsive their service was and their engineers who managed the tower deployment very professionally to deliver a swift and hassle-free security solution to site.

Operationally this ensured we could continue to deliver an excellent client service while maintaining our security officers’ efficiency and, more importantly, safety, thereby allowing them to manage other more critical areas.”

Don McCann

Technology Solutions Consultant
Wilson James

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