We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Effective security provided prior to demolition of property

Effective security provided prior to demolition of property
Effective security provided prior to demolition of property


We carried out a site survey for the owner of a vacant property in the Liverpool area, which had been victim to vandalism and arson whilst empty, demonstrating only too clearly exactly what can happen if no preventative security measures are put in place to secure such a site.

The developer had purchased the site but needed security provisions in place prior to a scheduled demolition to prevent and deter any further criminal activity. As the developer also lived some distance from the property it would prove too difficult and inconvenient for them to be able to physically check on the site or respond quickly to any incidents should they arise.

Key information

Scope of project:
Securing a previously vandalised vacant property prior to demolition


Solar powered CCTV Tower with remote monitoring

Other points:
No power available, property developer now benefits from remote access via our mobile app to check on site.


With no mains power or phone line available for the entirety of the project, Clearway recommended and commissioned the rapid deployment of a solar powered inView CCTV Tower. Following a thorough site survey our engineer positioned the tower on the driveway, as the near-360 degree camera, mounted atop the 6m mast and armed with pan, tilt and zoom capability, provided the fullest visual coverage of the site. In addition, clear signage was installed to act as a visual criminal deterrent.

The site also benefitted from the remote monitoring provided by our NSI Gold II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for 24/7/365 protection, and the customer was also provided with our remote app for their mobile device.


Our client found the remote app invaluable as it provided total peace of mind in offering the facility to check on the site at any time via a mobile device.

Intruders detected

The effectiveness of the CCTV surveillance was demonstrated on two separate occasions when activations were received from the inView CCTV Tower:

Intruders detected

In one instance, the CCTV Tower detected three intruders and alerted our dedicated monitoring station, who, in turn, contacted and updated the keyholder whilst sounding an audible siren and prevented any further intrusion.

In another incident, an activation was received from the tower which showed a male in a hard hat on site who appeared to be a workman. Again the keyholder was contacted and updated by our alarm receiving centre and an audible siren resulted in the individual leaving the site with no further action required.

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“Lights, camera, catch the action on site, during the night and when all is quiet!!!…this is exactly what we did for one of our clients with a 24-hour monitoring CCTV Tower. Great piece of technology and excellent customer service from the team at Clearway our clients were very happy with the results of keeping their site safe and free from trespassers in the night.”

Suzanne Wallace

Q&A Consultancy

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