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Commercial EPCs undertaken for a portfolio of properties

Commercial EPCs undertaken for a portfolio of properties
Commercial EPCs undertaken for a portfolio of properties

The Client

We were approached by one of our regular clients to undertake a number of EPC surveys across their portfolio of properties, with April 2023 fast approaching for landlords to provide an EPC certificate on both new and existing leases with a rating of at least E.

Case Study

EPCs are legally required for the sale and rental of all properties. Rental properties must have a minimum of an E rated EPC, MEES Consultancy provides the most cost effective and easiest ways to comply with this standard.

Since April 2018 (subject to certain exemptions) it has been a legal requirement under the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard regulations that a commercial building must have a rating of at least E before a new or renewal lease can be granted. However, with effect from April 2023 – a date that once seemed far away but is now fast approaching – this requirement will be extended to apply to both new and existing leases. Landlords who continue to let a non-exempt commercial property with a rating of less than E will be in breach of the regulations.

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