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Security project for Co-operative Group Andover

Security project for Co-operative Group Andover
Security project for Co-operative Group Andover

Food retail is the largest single business within the Co-Operative Group and currently operates from over 700 outlets across the UK.

Co-op Andover is a 470,000 sq ft composite unit, which is constructed on a former airfield in Andover, Hampshire. The Project, which was undertaken in partnership with McLarens, is a first and also one of the largest individual security projects that Clearway (previously Sitewatch) has completed, with a total cost in excess of £1.1 million

Clearway works with a range of blue chip clients in a wide range of sectors. Recently The Co-Operative turned to Clearway to ensure that their flagship Andover site was secure. The full security system involved the installation of electric fences, perimeter protect technologies, CCTV, External gates, barriers, turnstiles, electronic information signs and access control. Throughout this project, Clearway have been in partnership with the Co-Operative itself and Goodrich Projects, who provided products in the infrastructure protection, perimeter security and intrusion detection fields.

The system not only assists in the detection and prevention of theft, but also allows Co-Op management to monitor the safe and efficient performance of the distribution centre.

The Andover site has now been transformed from a security perspective and incorporates key features that add up to a cutting-edge, secure facility which meets The Co-Operative needs, allowing for total management and further expansion if necessary in the future.

  • Access management
  • Electronic user interfaces
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Perimeter security including electric fencing
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