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Integrated security systems for Co-Op Distribution Warehouse, Coventry

Integrated security systems for Co-Op Distribution Warehouse, Coventry
Integrated security systems for Co-Op Distribution Warehouse, Coventry

Clearway (previously Sitewatch) were appointed to advise upon and provide a total package of integrated security systems to the Co-op’s new National Distribution Centre in Coventry.

Food Retail is the largest single business within the Co-operative Group and currently operates from over 1,700 outlets in the UK. Clearway were specifically chosen by the client to provide access control, CCTV surveillance & monitoring and a project specific perimeter security system to provide a secure, automated environment to this busy 24-hour facility.

Internally, Clearway installed a SmartTrack CCTV system to detect and/or deter internal theft. Two channels house the SmartTrack cameras, which cover all 39 aisles within the 300,000 square foot warehouse. The concealed cameras glide silently and unseen within the channels, travelling at speeds in excess of 5 metres per second. Images are fed to both Clearway’s remote monitoring centre and the Co-Op senior management team, which enables either the operators or management team to remotely position the cameras as required.

The system not only assists in the detection and prevention of theft, but also allows Co-Op management to monitor the safe and efficient performance of the distribution centre. Externally, access gates and CCTV cameras were installed and subsequently managed from our remote monitoring facility. This enables round-the-clock access for securitycleared, identified vehicles and personnel and then monitors their movements around the building. In addition, the covert perimeter security system ensures the total site is protected from unwanted visitors, with a series of perimeter sensors detecting movement around the site boundary and alerting our operators to any unwelcome activity.

  • Access management
  • CCTV surveillance & monitoring
  • Perimeter security
  • SmartTrack system
  • Remote management
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