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Security and fire safety for Benham BMW

Security and fire safety for Benham BMW
Security and fire safety for Benham BMW

Benham BMW motors of Wolverhampton turned to Clearway (previously Sitewatch) when they increased security and fire safety provision at their new flagship facility.

Being the largest BMW car dealership in the West Midlands, the company opted to build a new dealership with full retail showroom customer distribution and servicing facilities. After much discussion with the client in understanding precisely what was expected, Clearway were successful in winning the business and provided total site security which includes CCTV, access control, intruder and fire systems.

The System allows for site supervision, whilst allowing customers to peruse the range of vehicles without ever feeling intrusive, giving the customer both freedom to visit and inspect the site and vehicles without any obtrusive security elements evident. Clearway worked closely with Paxton equipment to ensure timely and efficient delivery of the project. The site now has total internal and perimeter protection, which augmented in being remotely monitored by a local NSI Gold monitoring station. This takes away requirements for the client to be involved in the day-to-day running of the alarm giving them the time to concentrate on the running of their business.

Benham BMW is able to call on Clearway 24 hours a day for assistance in the operation of the system, which is flexible enough to accommodate future changes in their operating environment.

  • Access management
  • CCTV surveillance and monitoring
  • Perimeter security
  • Fire system with Full smoke and heat detection
  • Remote management
  • Full support and maintenance
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