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Examples of our Security Solutions

Clearway’s range of unique products and services fulfil the need for effective solutions to a wide range of commercial, residential and retail requirements. Below is a selection of case studies that provide an overview of how we’ve helped many different clients.

Vacant Railway Arches – An Open Invitation for Illegal Activity

Railway arches are tucked away below many of the UK’s historic railway tracks and provides…

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A nose for sniffing out drugs

Specially trained drug-sniffing dogs brought in to Hampshire college to finds users and distributors of illegal drugs.
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Fly-tipping and waste clearance service

Removing unwanted waste from fly-tipping to residential property to roof gardens is all in a day's work.
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Boy racers, car parks and donuts

Boy racers cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to a car park. The inView CCTV Tower was installed to stop them in their tracks.
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Extra ‘eyes and ears’ needed at Yorkshire port

The inView CCTV Tower providing the perfect solution to support existing security services and remote viewing of an otherwise difficult area.
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Protecting a powerless building site

An effective remote access CCTV solution for building site security where no mains power or internet access are available.
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Solar Powered CCTV for Solar Park

Providing a rapid-response CCTV solution when the customer’s existing system suddenly experienced intermittent problems.
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A 77 ton concrete perimeter

Securing the perimeter of a vacant restaurant site near Birmingham to prevent illegal occupants returning following eviction.
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Keeping an eye on open spaces

The inView CCTV Tower keeps a watchful eye on the safety of Angels and Engineers.
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Working with Insolvency Practitioners

A vacant property and an urgent need to clean, clear and secure the property and perimeter.
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Dog handling unit cleans-up London Square

A highly visible security guard and dog as a deterrent against anti-social behaviour in one of London’s Victorian Squares.
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Protecting against costly metal theft

Metalwork, pipework, air conditioning units, cabling, boilers and roof lead are are constantly at risk of theft.
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