We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Our range of specialised AI CCTV solutions provides robust, proactive security with analytical software to swiftly identify suspicious behaviour and safety hazards, and improve safety and efficiency in countless environments and scenarios.

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CCTV cameras are a staple of security safeguards. With the evolution of AI, organisations and monitoring bodies have the power to take their surveillance one step further, with sophisticated technology behind every capture.

Our AI CCTV tower is ideal for active traffic management, but it is also extremely well suited for the construction industry, the public sector and for industrial environments. The tower can be equipped with a whole range of smart features designed to eliminate the volume of false alarm activations, increase levels of safety and efficiency, and help site managers to better understand what is happening on site.

Implementing AI powered CCTV into your operations allows for a safer and more efficient working environment.

CCTV AI Performance

CCTV footage is only as decisive as the analysis behind the cameras. AI hugely enhances the functionality of your highway surveillance system in providing lightning-fast identification, rule-based actions, and real-time video feeds to designated controllers.

Clearway has been at the pinnacle of security intelligence for decades, so we realise that solutions that reduce the potential for human error and streamline deployments can present considerable savings in time and cost.

AI has endless possibilities, from maintaining activity logs, counting vehicles and individuals, calculating thresholds and peak times, and raising the alarm when an event occurs that matches pre-set security protocols.


Applications of AI CCTV Cameras

One of the primary applications for AI CCTV is in highway safety – including ring roads, motorways, and busy through-routes including Stopped Vehicle Detection capabilities.

Active control can be a significant undertaking, particularly on major highways with huge traffic volumes during peak periods.

AI cameras can simplify monitoring while enhancing safety across the board by:

  • Spotting unexpected hazards with Object Detection Cameras – be that a broken down vehicle, debris, wildlife, unauthorised foot traffic or another item that poses a danger to motorists.
  • Comprehending the absence of an item that forms part of the landscape, which might include signage or safety assets, including warning signs, lights, traffic cones or barriers around work areas.
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Facial Recognition Cameras, helping security teams to track down rogue vehicles, identify attempted intrusions in restricted areas or trace behaviours when a car is acting questionably or erratically. This technology can also be extremely useful when tracing potential witnesses or involved parties in a road incident.
  • Using Traffic Monitoring functions to assess opportunities to streamline lanes, find optimal times for repair work, or evaluate the likely impact of obstructions or maintenance.
  • Detecting changes in noise pollution with CCTV Analytics, particularly relevant for motorways adjacent to rail networks or airports where high sound levels may pose a risk to nearby residents.

These same capabilities are used in private and commercial organisations to detect intusions, track people and vehicles, provide live occupancy counts and undertake surveys.


The Power of AI Surveillance Scans

Through our inView Technology cameras, an intuitive analysis is highly capable of ensuring detected threats are genuine and can be responded to rapidly to preserve site security or eliminate risks.

Our high-powered AI cameras provide longer range detection or can target specific weak points of areas of concern, with variable programming to set active times, deep learning to assess routines, and eliminate false activations.

Setting inclusion and exclusion zones enables monitoring teams to implement precision-focused surveillance, where specific areas require advanced monitoring or there are zones outside of the remit of the security system.

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Key Features of AI CCTV

The technology behind AI CCTV includes numerous components, each working together to lay a safety net over operations.

Features available include:

  • Deep learning properties to understand, interpret and evaluate information to provide insights into movements, trends and patterns.
  • Precise alarm activations, filtering out false alerts and implementing passive access control to permit entry to individuals or vehicles stored on the database.
  • Smart searches, whereby users can search for specific subjects or events based on minimal information metrics.
  • Varied detection controls, from identifying loitering, unauthorised persons, facial recognition, abandoned objects and missing items.

AI CCTV can be programmed to determine when objects have been abandoned or are missed, with countless uses in highways safety control, stock management and security.

Please get in touch with Clearway for further advice about the performance features in AI CCTV that will benefit your organisation.

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Frequently asked questions AI CCTV Security

CCTV cameras are a rugged crime deterrent but often act solely as an evidence-gathering tool to revisit an incident after the fact.

AI CCTV is an assertive system, which raises alerts as a high-quality detection solution that applies deep learning to understand patterns, recognise anomalies, detect specific events or actions, and provide a comprehensive log.

Enhanced AI surveillance is often cost-effective compared to standard CCTV since one unit can monitor large-scale open areas as a less visually intrusive unit that does the job of numerous conventional cameras.

The emergence of AI CCTV means that authorities are no longer left to respond retrospectively to incidents – they can automatically analyse situations as they unfold, make rapid risk assessments and take action accordingly.

These cameras can recognise objects on roads or train tracks, specify the size of a crowd, interpret behaviour or pinpoint the location of known suspects with ease.

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